The Story of White Belle

Well where to start, that's not very original. White Belle is a business that I started a couple of years ago. We supply wedding invitations and favours. I am not quite sure how it got going if I am honest. I fell into making greetings cards, then got into wedding invitations and one day was browsing and came across an american company who supplied wholesale wedding favours.

At the time they were not common in the UK and people really liked them. Then a company was appointed as the UK distributor and before I knew it I had a full blown website selling them.

We did pretty well all in all, but the distributor was not very efficient and to cut a very long story short lost their agency and along with it I lost my supply. I couldn't afford to ship container loads over and so we closed our browser for a while.

However, now I am starting again. Think I have found a way to start supply again. And so here we go again, starting from scratch. That is our history, this blog is about our present and future.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


It's been a while since I posted here, have been testing out many shopping carts and software for the shop.  Finally settled on something and tonite I am purchasing it, its very exciting, finally getting started :D